Boost for breast cancer survivors

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Boost for breast cancer survivors


4 May 2017


. . . get prosthesis, mastectomy bras

It was a touching afternoon as breast cancer survivors received mastectomy bras and breast prostheses from a UK based well-wisher on Wednesday at Cancer Association of Zimbabwe.

Abigail Parker, who owns Aids Supporters Awareness Program (ASAP), with the help Oncocare, Reach for Recovery group, donated the mastectomy bras to assist breast cancer sufferers who have had a mastectomy.

Breast prosthesis, is an artificial breast form that replaces the shape part of the breast that has been removed and it is not available in Zimbabwe.

Speaking at the High Tea of the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe meeting, Parker said she was moved by her friend who had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Last year my friend in Zimbabwe got diagnosed with breast cancer and she had to crotch a bra that would make her bust look proper, that’s when I realised there were no supplies for breast cancer survivors here,” said Parker.

“It’s a traumatic experience and it worsens when one can’t get a fake boob and has to only do it if she has lots of money to get them from South Africa.

“I then decided to search for donations through my charity program which focused on HIV and Aids.

“People reacted in a positive way and in two weeks I was already receiving pocket bra donations from different women and some people posting them from all over UK.

“Nicologel Company, which manufactures prosthesis, decided to come aboard and help me with the breast prosthesis.”

She also said they will continue getting donations for breast cancer survivors.

“This will be an ongoing process and we are targeting the whole country,” she said.

“My mom died from breast cancer three years ago and I donated her prosthesis to the Oncocare diagnostic centre.

“The bras are comfortable and it will allow the women to do their daily chores without worrying about the prosthesis popping out.”

Oncocare Commercial Manager, Ethel Chikopa said they were helping breast cancer survivors to move on after the surgery.

“We are trying to create a pathway for the ladies to get help by getting these bras because of psychological effects. After the operation a woman tends to feel incomplete and the bras help the ladies to have a better life going forward,” said Chikopa.

We are grateful that the first lady has started a movement for women all over the country so we hoping that it will help us pave a pathway for these bras to be available for women in Zimbabwe.

“Oncocare’s desire is to make sure that post surgery, the recovery journey will be as comfortable as it was in their past.”

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