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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

GAME-CHANGING registered music promoter Nyasha “Machembere” Dope is heaven sent, according to local cultural arts ensembles.

Despite the creative sector’s closure, especially live shows, to containing surging cases of Covid-19, Machembere – under the Bira Remadzisahwira Movement – has vowed to prepare herself and the sector for the future.

Not only is she turning her stable into a one-stop shop for players in the creative sector, Machembere has acquired a state of the art sound system from South Africa to assist less privileged groups.


She will also be hiring out her equipment to those holding virtual performances for relatively cheap prices, according to Machembere’s handlers.

And what makes her new acquisition worth mentioning is that it is part of her pledge to become a game-changer in the promotion of culture.


“As  young promoter with the less privileges artists at heart, I have since acquired my equipment with the assistance of the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe hoping to empower artistes one the sector is given the greenlight to open.

New set of congas

“I know it has taken so long for the creative sector to fully operate but health is at stake but we are making huge steps as a country to contain it.

New boxed equipment

“As a cultural promoter, I think it’s always nice to be prepared because the sector won’t close for good,” she said.


Machembere who also runs Big Apple Entertainment she was touched by the plight of most cultural groups who have challenges when it comes to hiring equipment.


“The country has plenty of cultural group who need to be exposed  and I saw it during this year’s Cultural Week event  where I decided to assist them.


“Some of the groups can hardly afford to hire this equipment  and as a stable promoting cultural events, we decided to lesd by example  and ensure that we play our part by providing the tools of the trade,”  she added.


Machembere who had lined up a series of cultural shows under Bira Remadzisahwira  urged fellow artistes to be vaccinated.


“With the Government doing its part so that we get vaccinated  for us to revert to the normal way of life, we need to embrace those policies and take a leading role so that we are allowed to resume business.


“We need to forget all the myths being said because the medicines have been tested by the right people and why not get vaccinated so that we resume our normal lives,” she added.

Under her movement, Machembere has been promoting a number of artistes comprising mbira, marimba and other cultural groups.

She has vowed to cast her nets wider and promoter’s other artistes like poets, story tellers and dancers.

Meanwhile, her stable – Big Apple Entertainment – will remain promoting artistes in other genres of music like sungura, mbira, jazz, Zim dancehall, Hip Hop among others.

However, it should be mentioned that her bias towards cultural promotions will go a long in complimenting Government efforts to market Brand Zimbabwe both locally and abroad.

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