Boost for Zim artists

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Boost for Zim artists Jordan Link Mangwiro


Latwell Nyangu, Entertainment Reporter

Local artists are set to benefit from a music distribution service platform, Distrohive Music courtesy of Zimbabwean Music Industry Practitioners.

The international platform was launched by Jordan Link Mangwiro and Charles Guvamatanga who are also founders of Jacaranda Media Group.

Motivated by the desire to help the artists, the duo is on a mission to level the playing field for everyone.

“It’s a one-stop shop that gives Zimbabwean and African independent artists and labels an international major-label support and infrastructure while letting them retain complete control over their work through a customised artist or label dashboard.

“We had seen that Zimbabwean music needed a platform to be heard globally and needed international listenership.

“This is also a product of listening to the call from the new millennial artist that they want more control of their music and transparency in the performance of their music and art without restrictions from labels and intermediaries.

“With the DistroHive Music platform, artists and labels can publish their music in minutes.

“From cover art to track listings, getting your work up on Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Instagram and other 160 plus digital services is as simple as choosing songs from your device to upload.

“The beauty of it is that Distrohive Music streamlines everything from payments to statistics analysis,” said Jordan.

Charles Guvamatanga

He added:

“Royalties and streaming revenue earned are directed straight to the artists or labels designated bank account, PayPal account or Distrohive Music can deliver your earnings straight to your doorstep through its partnership with fintech remittances company co-founded by Zimbabwean Takwana Tyaranini,” he said.

While, Charles said:

“There are no middle men, no signing over rights in perpetuity, no limits on how to express your creativity and no agent handling royalties and stream revenue warned and the fee structure is
simple and favourable to the artists.

“Distrohive Music has two fee structures, including, it charges a one-time lifetime payment fee and the second fee structure is an annual subscription fee which is more favourable for start-up artists and labels.

He added:

“Labels and Artists keep 85 percent of their distribution projects. The platform also has a Royalty Split feature tailor made for collaborative artists, composers, producers, labels and financiers of the artists’ music so that all parties involved in the making of music.

“The rightful copyright beneficiaries are paid their fair dues. For labels with more than 10 artists, an Associate Program is available only via application or invite.

“We have enrolled award winning RnB star Garry Mapanzure as a poster boy for the service,” said Charles.

“Studio houses and recording stables such as Mount Zion Music, Sunshine Family, Dr Bond Studios and DKT family have also been looking to come on board to the DistroHive music platform as their official route to distribute music to a worldwide audience.

“Pre-launch over 400 artists across Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa have signed up to the service via invitation.

“DistoHive Music is set to open to every Zimbabwean and African artist across the globe from the end of September 2021.

Ti Gonzi, has also enrolled the services of DistroHive Music who have also helped him setup the operational structures to his new record label venture HipuHopu YekuGhetto Records.

Other significant Zimbabwean artists who have joined include Freeman HKD, Gary Tight, the Mainini hitmaker 8L, Mcknife, China based Zimbabwean artist 5nine, the Mutare brotherhood duo Diamond Boyz, Dino Munondo, Niceboi, rising star Mbida Dee, UK Indie Pop crooner Farai and the Forest Dawn, the Mai Vadhikondo hitmaker, Huby Blakes, Oskid among many others.

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