Blessing Malinganiza

AMIR Alagić, who is a Bosnian-Australian coach, says he has the best strategy to transform the Warriors into a competitive outfit should he get the job.

Zimpapers Sport can reveal that the 63-year-old Amic, who holds a UEFA Pro coaching license and has vast experience in coaching national teams, is one of the applicants for the Warriors job.

He is also part of the Global Football Development programme, which is run by the former Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, which he says will help Zimbabwe in developing players at junior level and also improving the infrastructure.

“I have participated in building national teams from scratch (Brunei, Sri Lanka) and rebuilding a national team (Bosnia-post war). I already managed similar situations like Zimbabwe is facing now.

“I am able to implement the best strategy for Zimbabwe immediately.

“I focus on cohesion, consistency, adaptability, intensity, responsibility, discipline, dedication and efficiency as the building blocks to my development plans.

“The coaching skills help you in an optimal environment. Zimbabwe is not yet at such a level.

“That’s why, having related experience and knowing how to rebuild a system that had declined for a long period is what sets me apart from others.”

He added:

“So far, I coached in Libya only, however, I coached many African players (from Ghana, Nigeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and Morocco) in the past. “Several times, I was close to coaching some clubs and national teams from Africa.

“It didn’t go through due to better offers from other sides at a particular time. I have been following African football for a long time as a part of my coaching profession.”

He said team creation will start from scratch.

“A lot of valuable time was lost due to the recent suspension by FIFA. Momentum has been lost. Some key players have been lost. A lot to be done in a short period ahead.

“The team creation would start from zero.”

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