Boss Gaga drops riddim

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Boss Gaga drops riddim Boss Gaga, Ricky Fire and Boss TC


Praise Masvosva, Entertainment Reporter

In a bid to give Zim dancehall artistes hope during the Covid-19 pandemic, promoter Boss Gaga has come up with a new Riddim dubbed Boss Gaga. 

The riddim which features both seasoned and upcoming chanters was recorded by Malone Tee of First Class Records.

Boss Gaga , Hwindi President and Boss TC

In an interview, Boss Gaga said the riddim is meant to unite chanters and give them hope despite being heavily affected by the Covid-19.


“This year the playing field is not even and it’s not a secret we have been affected by Covid-19.

Kinna and Boss Gaga

“I have come up with this riddim to give artistes hope and restore their confidence.


“At the beginning of the year we were planning to have several gigs but all the plans were shuttered by the coronavirus.


“We have been limited to showcase the talent this year but we have decided to give our fans an early Christmas gift as a token of appreciation,” he said.

He added:


“It was not easy to come up with this project because of lockdown.


“Artistes could not manage to go to the studios due to the measures set by the responsible authorities to prevent the spread of the virus.


“Transport was a major obstacle as I forked out the transport allowances for these chanters to put voices on this project.


“It’s meant to give hope to rising artistes.”


Boss Gaga has been touring all high density suburbs donating groceries to chanters during the lockdown period.


“Everyone was affected so, I toured sharing the little I have.


“My heart bleeds for ghetto yutes so ndaingosimbisana navo during these trying times.”


In another interview, Malone Tee  believes the riddim will win hearts of many.


“It’s a project which was done wholeheartedly and I took my time to communicate with every artiste who has put a voice on this project.


“I am also confident we a going to have several hits.


“We have been affected a lot but I urge everyone to continue working hard to compensate the time wasted,” he said.


Chanters who features on this Riddim include Jah Master, Guspy Warrior, Ricky Fire, Snipper Storm, Dadza D, Kabhidha, Uncle Epaton, Hwindi Prezident, Kinnah,  Mr Attention, Poptain and Kadjah.


Flex T, Nicky Vibes, Hwinza, King Libho, Junior Spragga, Boss Pumacol, Roxie, Ndunge Yut, Queen Tabel, Master H, J Doogy, Planet, Lanko Mtokonyo, Liquid, Code Blax and Kim Pogba aslo part of the bill.


Rapper Ti Gonzi aslo showed his versatility by putting a voice on a a song on this project.

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