Boss Spencer at 40

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Boss Spencer at 40 Boss Spencer


EVENTS management guru, businessman and music promoter, Spencer Madziya, turns 40 today.

Known as Boss Spencer, the affable entertainment consultant and philanthropist has every reason to be ecstatic as he celebrates yet another milestone.

Famed for hosting themed parties in the capital and its environs, unrivalled artist management skills and hospitality, Boss Spencer has vowed to instill professionalism in showbiz in his birthday message. Read on…

TK: As an events management guru, music promoter, arts consultant and businessman, what does this 40th birthday mean to you?


BS: This 40th birthday is a huge milestone in my life, a lot has happened in my personal and business life and rightly so I’m amazed by God’s grace, many have failed to reach these four decades. It’s special.

TK:  What’s your special message to Zimbabweans (of course biased towards your sector) can you give them as you are celebrating your 40th birthday?

BS: To my colleagues in the arts sector, I salute your resilience, faced with an under-funded sector hit by Covid-19 pandemic but still soldiering on.

Let’s keep be innovative we will win.

TK: How are you going to celebrate it considering the Covid-19 lockdown which seen many events being suspended or held online?


BS: At 40 it’s hard not to celebrate, celebrations have been slotted at the farm ably organised by colleagues of Spencer, of course all WHO guidelines on Covid-19 will be applied fully.

The venue chosen represents a change in my life as I turn 40th.


This edition will also be celebrating the birth of one of the biggest arts promoters, a personal friend DJ Dollarbill, it will be quite a big extravaganza.

TK: What do you miss a most as someone who used to host weekly themed parties at Motor Action among other places, which you had turned as chillspots for fun?


BS: Covid-19 dealt us all a heavy blow and Motor Action Sundays are surely missed, we will not stop lobbying our Government to reopen the arts sector as they have done for tourism.


Motor Action Sundays were not only Party Sundays but also were we all met and discussed the sector and many other business opportunities.

We hope to return soon.


TK: With a surge in new Covid-19 infections, how are you going to run your events?

BS: Events in this scourge can be successfully run if we follow WHO guidelines on the Covid-19 pandemic.


The country has seen a lot of entrepreneurs bringing in equipment to disinfect, sanitise and cope with this virus infections, I see no reason why events cannot start right away.

What we will witness is unsanctioned back alley, underground events and more infections if we don’t open up the arts sector and put measures for reopening.


TK: What do you itch for an events management guru who has hosted the Who is Who of Zim Showbiz?

BS: As Host to many, I do truly miss hosting exclusive parties, our international artists have not been able to travel and light up our entertainment, we can only reminisce now sadly!


TK: What are some of the major highlights of your journey as an events management person from the days you used to operate in Warren Park D, then The Volt Courtyard and Motor Action to date?


BS: From Mereki to Jameson, Sphinx, The Volt and Motor Action, I am in actual awe at how all these venues have had an impact in my life.

Each and every venue has been special from hosting some of the biggest names on the local scene to international stars, I will not single out any.

It has been an awesome journey throughout.


TK: From your experience, what makes one a distinct events manager/planner/host?

BS: To be distinct in this sector, one has to be hands on and on the ground, one needs to be in touch with what is currently trending, and mostly stay humble. A cool head over and above everything.


TK: How do you balance your schedules as someone who is gainfully employed in the construction sector, which has its demands?

BS: When both careers are a passion a balance is the easiest thing to achieve, being a full time Managing Director of Tile Essentials requires dedication and time but with able teams on both divides, I manage well.


TK: From the events that you hosted, which are the memorable shows you hosted and why?

BS: Hosting Charlie Black and Kalado welcome parties, and the Pachedu Awards courtesy of Simbarashe Nyanhanga, are some of the memorable shows we have hosted.


TK: From the events that you hosted, which are the worst shows you hosted and why?

BS: So far I’m yet to be disappointed all shows have been splendid!


TK: How do you handle ladies who literally throw themselves at you when you doing such big shows/events?

BS: I believe Ladies can only literally throw themselves at one if you handle yourself in the manner that attracts that, but when it does happen a simple curt reminder to them that that shop is closed.


TK:) From your experience what advice can you give to celebrities to host successful shows?

BS: celebrities wanting to host successful shows simply have to engage the best in the game.


Professionalism is the only way to go, from your sound to your marketing team, professionalism, professionalism is the key.

TK: Besides events management what else are you planning in as far as boosting the showbiz scene goes?

BS: We have been busy putting up structures for the newly formed association of arts and music promoters, we are seeking a voice to be able to lobby for changes in how our sector has been administered.


We are currently in audience with our principals the arts regulatory body NACZ and the Ministry.

This should see a boost in the show biz scene and the whole industry!


TK:   What support do you need from arts regulatory bodies and corporate players to ensure you host successful events in future?

BS: We are tabling a paper as an Association to tackle challenges we are facing in our sector, we hope this will go a long way in alleviating the debilitating effects in our industry. Their open door policy is recommended and we are working well with our Principals though much can still be improved, we are working on that with our regulatory bodies.


TK: You message of hope to fun-loving people who miss going out during the Covid-19 lockdown era?

BS: To all our merry makers fun loving people, we are with you in these trying times but be rest assured the times will roll back soon. Be resilient.

TK: How important is it to invest in showbiz?


BS: The importance of investing in show biz can never be over emphasized, it is a billion dollar industry look at our neighbors in Mzansi, with the right framework and policies returns can be major.

TK: As a way of giving back to society, what have you done to change other people’s lives using your influence?


BS: 19: Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them.

If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven.

So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others.

Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Those that will testify will testify.

TK: Thanks BS and happy birthday.

BS: Welcome.

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