Bouncers denied free entry

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Bouncers denied free entry



Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

BOUNCERS and their loved ones failed to gain free entry into Mafikizolo show and got hired to help man recover his money from the show promoter  Blessing “Messina” Jeke at the Rainbow Towers on Friday.

Police stood to their task in making sure all the bouncers who wanted to cause commotion by the entrance in a way to gain free entry were kept under scrutiny.

“Bouncers not assigned to cover the show usually group together and wrestle with security and bouncers on duty to gain free entry,” said one of the officers manning the entry points.

“Today we have engaged police and they are closely monitoring their movements and warning their lovers not to attempt gain entry through their lovers’ stamina.

“Vakajaira kuita bongozozo kana varambidzwa kupinda mushow nemagirlfriends avo saka nhasi zvirikuramba,” said the officer.

H-Metro spy lenses kept zooming by the entrance and witnessed some of the bouncers engaging a man who claimed the show organiser Jeke failed to pay him US$1400 he took in March this year.

Jeke was reported to have sold beer he got from he man and has been playing hide and seek until he was confronted on Friday.

Jeke was dragged to a secluded place where he later sought for police help when the bouncers threatened to deal with him if he was failing to pay back the money.

One of the bouncers who declined to be named told H-Metro that they managed to recover US$550 within few minutes.

“Jeke’s show was a day for him to pay back what he owed his fellow men he duped in other businesses they helped him,” he said.

“We managed to recover part of the money and after he paid part of it we forced him to pay in full and some of the musicians promised payment at the venue will not perform nekuti haachisina yekuvapa apa show vanhu vadzokera pa gate.

“We never used force but stood with the man he duped and police nearly arrested him for fraud,” added the bouncer.

Most bouncers who had come to try their luck returned home along with their loved ones after they traditional trick was monitored and the few artistes who made to the stage did not disappoint despite singing to a bigger number of empty seats.


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