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BOUNCERS MENACE – PROMOTERS UNITE Promoters during the meeting


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

…appeal to President’s office

MUSIC promoters have appealed to the President’s Office to intervene as they are losing money and valuables to rogue bouncers during live shows.

So dire is their situation as thieves and thugs masquerading as bouncers have become a menace during their gatherings where they steal from innocent fans after gaining free entry.

To date, the bouncers have caused quite a stir at Club Las Vegas, Premier Tobacco Auction Floors, Cook Out festival, Soul Jah Love album launch held at Harare gardens last Friday and most recently at the Madirirano Special edition in Highfield where they left a trail of destruction.

The ugly scenes of violence prompted event organiser – Simbarashe “Bodyslam” Chakare – to quit music promotions after he lost everything to bouncers.

However, Chakare had had a change of mind 48 hours later after the intervention of fellow promoters who urged him to soldier own.

Chakare has since lodged a complaint with the police with indications the rogue bouncers are likely to be brought to book for theft and causing public violence.

Newly elected chairperson of the Zimbabwe Music and Art Promotions Josh Hozheri said it was high time promoters unite and appealed to the highest office on the land – President’s Office – to intervene.

“We are worried by want happened in Highfield last weekend where Simbarashe Chakare was a victim of bouncers or can we say thugs and thieves.

“We managed to identify the two bouncers – Gideon Sanyangore and Brendon Chipunza – who caused a scene at the show  and lodged a complaint with the police.

“Investigations are underway and we are not going to pre-empt it because it is being investigation,” he said.

After the violent attack which left Chakare and his wife traumatised, Hozheri said they have started writing letters to the relevant office to intervene.

“When all the violence broke out in Highfield, I was there and I was shocked to receive death threats as well and I have since lodged a report at Mabelreign Police Station under RRB number 4149142.

“The matter is now being handed by the police and what we are now appealing to the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, Ministry of Home Affairs, the Commissioner General of Police and even the Office of the President to intervene.

“We are only people doing business to entertain people but now we are losing to bouncers who are now operating in syndicates.

“At times the police details we hire are overpowered as the bouncers are now coming in large numbers where they over power our security.

“This has seen most fans losing valuables while promoters are now incurring losses because the situation is yet to be addressed,” added Hozheri who said some of the rogue bouncers positively are yet to be arrested even though they have been harassing fans for close to two years.

Chakare, who also attended the meeting with other promoters like Partson Chimbodza, Simba “Simmad” Madziwa, Chucknosis, Fat Cat and Dollarbill, has vowed to take the Highfield incident further.

He however, admitted he incurred huge losses, which prompted him to abort the show early.

Chakare who had had a change of mind not to quit music promotions appealed for protection from relevant authority.

He said it was unfortunate that some of the rogue bouncers are people he grew up with in Highfield who had managed to buy cars and residential stands with dirty money.

His only appeal was protection of merry-makers as his efforts to promote domestic tourism, which have gone to worst due to rogue bouncers.

Chakare like most of his counterparts prayed for deterrent sentences among rogue bouncers found guilty while others vowed to sue them for losses encountered.



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