Bounty Lisa in denial

18 Feb, 2021 - 11:02 0 Views
Bounty Lisa in denial Bounty Lisa and Soul Jah Love


Praise Masvosva, Entertainment Reporter

Former Conquering Family queen Bounty Lisa is failing to accept the news that her former husband Soul Jah Love has died.

Bounty Lisa who was married to Chibaba has expressed her sadness after hearing the ‘disturbing’ news.

Soul Jah Love died at the age of 31 due to the diabetic related illness.


He was pronounced dead after being taken to the  hospital by friends and fans.

Continuous social media posts by Bounty Lisa shows she was saddened by the news.


“I am still waiting for people to say its fake news like zvamunomboita.

“I can’t accept this… Hazvibvumike,” she said.


She could not shed more light.


Soul Jah Love’s most trusted handler Wadis broke down when contacted for comment.


“Mufana wangu aenda. The officials from Mbuya Dorcas called me (Tuesday) indicating that Jah Love was in a bad state.


“I once went with him to the hospital and I left my details there.


“Its a difficult period and I am heartbroken.


“He was a younger brother to me and my family knew him very well,” he said.


Close conquering family ally Lipsy also said arts industry has been robbed again.


“Ndakamirira kuti kungonzi jokes.


“Inguva zvayo but its painful and hard to swallow.


“Our genre has been robbed again because you can’t talk of Zim dancehall without mentioning Soul Jah Love’s lyrical war with Calaz.


“Its another dark cloud for us,” she said.

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