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BOUNTY Lisa says she now owns a recording studio aimed at promoting less privileged female artistes.

The former Conquering Family first lady, now runs Gangsta Empire Studios in Kuwadzana where she stays.

In an interview with H-Metro, the songbird said her studio also caters for male artistes even though she has a bias towards the females.

“I now own a studio with the name Gangsta Empire,” she said.

“Since I call myself a ‘Gangsta Wife’, which to me (Gangsta means powerful) and (Wife is a woman) I now call myself a powerful woman. I then decided to name my studio Gangsta Empire (Powerful Empire).”

She said she  created her own studio after facing numerous challenges with other producers.

“I decided to create my own studio after facing so many challenges as a female artiste.

“By creating my own studio,  I will be able to also help other female musicians, and upcoming ones, who are struggling with having studio time.

“The studio is not only for females but also open for males to come,”  she said.

The female chanter, who was heartbroken last year after losing her former husband Soul Jah Love, has vowed to keep on working hard.

“It’s always a hustle to balance family and music even, for me, but we have to do what we have to do to survive and take care of the family.”

She is set to launch three singles.

Titled ‘A Hat-Trick,’ the three singles will be launched this week.

Born Lynette Musenyi, Bounty Lisa is one of the long-serving Zimbabwe female chanters along with Lady Squanda and Ninja Lipsy.

She emerged under Chibaba’s mentorship and established herself as one of the finest female chanters.

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