Box coach Phiri hopeful

13 Jan, 2021 - 12:01 0 Views
Box coach Phiri hopeful Ali 'Otto' Phiri


Shelly Guni, Sports Reporter
After a tough 2020 due to the Covid-19 induced lockdown and a temporary halt on sporting activities, boxing coach Ali ‘Otto’ Phiri hopes for a better new year.
The Charles Manyuchi Boxing coach Otto is praying that the numbers of infections decreases so that they can see more boxing action.

“Boxing was badly affected last year due to the rising numbers of infections.

“So my hope this year is that the numbers of infections will go down so that we resume with boxing so that boxers can make a living as it is their sole source of income. It’s really tough,” he said.

Otto said they were set to host a local tournament on January 16 but they have since postponed the event due to the current lockdown.

“We are hoping that things gets better so that we can be to get back to action. I know my boxers are itching for action and it has been long since most of them tasted the ring.

“My wish is that when it is now safe to play, we should have tournament almost every month so that the boxers gets back to their fine form,” he said.

The boxing fraternity has been trying to help boxers by coming up with different virtual activities like the ‘Garamumba’ whereby boxers would send their progress and winners getting something.

“We hope that we have more sponsors that can actually assist the boxers to have something because honestly things are really tough.

“The majority of boxers depend on it to put food on the table. The coronavirus outbreak destabilized everything.

He is also appealing to the responsible authorities that when the lockdown is lifted action can resume albeit strict conditions.

“We are prepared to meet up with the requirements while following all protocols. If it means to have a limited numbers we can make sure that our boxers and officials are tested before everything.”

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