BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN. . . Mokoomba’s first Harare Family show on

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BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN. . . Mokoomba’s first Harare Family show on Mokoomba


Edwin Nhukarume

AFRO Fusion group, Mokoomba, is set to hold its debut family show at Ela The Garden in the capital on Sunday.

Mokoomba has been praised for exporting African culture beyond the continent because of its traditional Afro fusion sound.

The group has decided to reunite and cement its relationship with the local audience and will hold its debut family show in Harare.

Mokoomba will be supported by Gwevedzi, Iyana and DJ Lidza.

Owner of Ela The Garden, Eleni Athitaki, said music revellers should brace for some amazing performances at the first family show by Mokoomba in the capital.

“It is the first family show for Mokoomba.

“They usually perform at international festivals.

“Music fans should expect excellent music performance as we also have an excellent line-up such as the talented Gwevedzi, Iyana, and we will have a small DJ set indoors,” she said.

Eleni believes Mokoomba also has a loyal local fan base.

“Mokoomba, even though they are recognised internationally and have travelled all over the world, they have a fan base here.

“They are probably one of the most travelled bands in the country.

“They still have a very strong, dedicated and passionate following back home.

“I am sure it will be a very successful event,” said Eleni.

Mokoomba started its professional career in 2008.

The group has been on numerous European tours.

It is one of the successful music groups in the country.

Its sound is a mixture of traditional and modern instruments.

Mokoomba is a Tonga name, derived from the admiration for the Zambezi River, and the nature associated with the life along its banks.

Albums recorded by Mokoomba are Kweseka, Rising Tide and Luyando.

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