Bra @ Burna Boy show inspires chanter

24 Jun, 2022 - 00:06 0 Views
Bra @ Burna Boy show inspires chanter Emmanuel ‘Trapo Mapoacher’ Phiri


Latwell Nyangu

ZIMDANCEHALL chanter, Emmanuel “Trapo Mapoacher” Phiri, says he was inspired to release a video, Bodhi Yemwana, after a reveller threw her bra at Burna Boy during his performance, two weeks ago.

The incident took place at Belgravia Sports Club.

Since the conclusion of the concert, photos of Burna Boy holding up the bra have gone viral.

And, a reveller identified as Ellen Tsaura, claims she was the one who threw the bra at him.

Now, a 27-year-old chanter has come up with a video, which will be released today, about the incident.

“I have a video, which I did after Burna Boy was hit by a bra while he was on stage.

“The song is called Bodhi Yemwana and the video will be released on Friday (today).

“The song is paving the way for my upcoming album titled Pikicha, which is all about moments in life.

“We can draft problems and happiness on a picture, people nowadays go crazy with pictures,” he said.

The chanter has featured on Condom riddim from Chillspot Records and he has tracks like Padiki Chipondo, Makavhu, Chimbopulla, Vadzimu Vangu, Vakadzi Vemazuvano and Chigwishu, among others.

“I am still looking for support from promoters and airplay for us to be visible like other artists.

“All songs were recorded by Chax Nox @ Tigerzone records except for Padiki Chipondo which was mastered and engineered by Brian Jeck @ 053 recordz in Chegutu,” he said.

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