Braai Out organisers cry foul

17 Jun, 2022 - 00:06 0 Views
Braai Out organisers cry foul Nigel Chinovhiringa


Edwin Nhukarume

Braai Out_zw Events founder, Nigel Chinovhiringa, has warned Zimparks for “illegally” using their name and trademark for events.

Zimparks is set to hold an event, dubbed Braai Out, in Chinhoyi.

Chinovhiringa, who runs Tamba Events, said he was alerted about the development when Zimparks started circulating posters/flyers on social media, advertising their gig, under their registered trademark, Braai Out.

“I was notified the flyer was circulating at CUT and I joined the groups.

“When I tried to explain that this was not our event, all hell broke loose.

“What pains me is that CUT students are now bad mouthing Tamba Events saying we are jealous, yet we are the ones disadvantaged by Zimparks.

“They have tarnished our name. We actually have plans to host another Braai Out in Chinhoyi later this year but now our name has been spoiled.”

He claims Zimparks imitated one of their posters and also how they price their tickets.

Chinovhiringa said he engaged his lawyers, who have written a letter to Zimparks to refrain from exploiting the intellectual property of Tamba Events.

The letter also highlighted that Braai Out_zw was a registered trademark.

The letter further clarified the sacrifices, and investments made by Tamba Events, to build the Braai Out name.

However, Zimparks responded to Tamba Events saying:

“…From your submissions, it is very difficult to ascertain whether the Authority’s poster, advertising a braai out event, is similar to the logo of your client.

“Further, you have not attached the logo in question to your letter and without sight of that logo, we are not sure how to determine the alleged similarities.

“We are, however, amenable to further discussion of the alleged infringement.”

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