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KINGSTON. – Since getting his break in 2005, reggae singer Christopher Martin has maintained an enviable level of consistency in the entertainment industry, with hits such as ‘Take My Wings’, ‘Under the Influence’, ‘Cheaters Prayer’ and ‘Big Deal’ under his belt.

Inching close to two decades in the business, the entertainer vows to keep the ‘feel good music’, which has made him a mainstay in the industry, flowing to the ears of reggae lovers.

He has a date with Harare this week as the special guest for Freeman’s album launch at Alex Sports Club on Saturday.

“I love good vibes, positive energy. Whether we are singing lovers rock, reggae, roots, dancehall, it doesn’t matter the vibe. My message is the same and I live for overall good energy,” Martin told OBSERVER ONLINE.

“Whenever you listen to my kind of music, it puts you in a spot where you get hold of good energy with your friends.

“First of all, it’s super commercial so anybody in the family can listen to it.

“The type of music I do, I can go in a church and sing it same way or go to the most hardcore events and people would still be pleased.”

Speaking of emitting good vibes, Martin is basking in the energy his new single, ‘Guaranteed.’

In an era where the industry is saturated with tracks telling tales of ‘chopping’, sex and guns, the ‘Paper Loving’ singer says the track is pure good energy ‘guaranteed’.

“Robert Livingston is actually the producer of that song and when he gave me the instrumental and told me the direction he wanted the song to go, we started out with it being about a girl and it kinda just took on a life of its own with the whole Jamaica vibes,” he explained.

“We started out talking about this girl and how beautiful she is and what makes her a good woman and it panned out into this nice vibe where we just brought this special love interest all across the island to places that we love.

“So, the song is about a beautiful woman on the beautiful island of Jamaica, so a good time is ‘guaranteed’, you know.”

Martin, who gained popularity for his sweet love songs, says he has never contemplated moving out of his niche to take on popular topics of the day.

“I don’t follow. I have never been one to follow and I don’t feel like I need to sing what everyone else is singing or say what everyone else is saying.

“I have a mind of my own and I have people who support my music and respect me for my kinda vibe and what I bring to the industry.

“I am not in the business to lose my day one fans just to gain new fans,” he said.

“We’re trying to curate a vibe where we add to the existing fanbase using what we’ve been doing since foundation. I fit in wherever.

“The topics that I don’t meddle in, are not everywhere I can go and sing it so it makes no sense to me to try and fit in a space where I am limited.

“Furthermore, if I did that I wouldn’t be true to myself.”

Martin, who is a father and a son who takes great pride in the approval of his mother, said his morals have kept him from falling prey to the ‘norm’.

“My mom listens to my songs. She loves my music and she wouldn’t approve of me doing anything else.

“I have daughters, a little son, so outside of me and who I am as a person and an entertainer, it doesn’t go with my brand. It wouldn’t be true. I can’t lie to myself or lie to my supporters just to fit in.”

“Besides I go all over the world and fill out stadiums and arenas with the type of music that I do so why would I want to switch up now?

“Good music will always be good music,” Martin continued.

With that said, the singer who is gearing up to go on a tour that will see him performing across Africa, Canada, Spain and several Caribbean territories, is also getting ready to release a body of work he says will be one for the musical books. – Jamaican Observer

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