BRACE YOURSELVES FOLKS, WE WILL SOON HAVE PASTOR KILLER ZIVHU IN THE HOUSE . . . Politician eyes evangelism, enrols for pastoral studies . . . Says he is ready to dump his favourite beer Castle Lite

Richard Muponde

FORMER Chivi South legislator, Killer Zivhu says he is ready to dump his favourite drink, Castle Lite, as part of the transformation which will see him pursue his childhood dream of becoming a pastor.

The businessman and philanthropist told H-Metro he wanted to be a pastor before he became a politician.

“I never wanted to be a politician. I wanted to be a preacher because I am gifted as a preacher.

“But I told myself and told my friends that I cannot be a preacher until I become rich.

“I don’t want to go and become desperate as a pastor out there, soliciting money from people and telling people that God has sent me to do this.

“But, honestly, if I start preaching today, I’m telling you that, after six months, my church will be bigger than most of these guys that you see.”

He said his friends were relentless until they convinced him to be a politician.

“My friends then came to me and said, look, you have a gift. So, if you don’t want to be a preacher now, why don’t you be a politician?

“You can address people, they can understand you. So, in 2000, I tested it when I was young, and automatically I became a councillor.

“That’s when I got into politics, as you know, it’s a dirty game, but it’s so interesting, you know, the scuffles, the factionalism, the fights and everything, it’s so sweet, you see.

“So, even when I was chased away from Parliament, it’s not something that touched me a lot.”

Zivhu said politics was a game he understood a lot as there were many ups and downs, wins and losses.

“You lose today, you win tomorrow, you go, you come back, you go, you come back.

“This was a second thought, it will never be my first thought.

“My first thought is to help people and to preach and I’m now ready to go into the field to preach.

“I’m now ready to enrol as a pastor, I’m ready to leave Castle Lite and become a dedicated pastor because I will go out there to preach as an evangelist because I don’t need anyone’s money.”

He, however, said he would not form a church.

“No, no, no I will just be an evangelist going around and preaching.

“I have seen a lot of dangers of having a particular church because when you have a particular church you want it to grow, you end up wanting to have more powers, so that more people come, and then these extra powers, you go to Ghana, you go to Nigeria because you want to extend powers.

“No, I don’t want to have a particular church. I want to move around preaching the word of God.

“If I preach and people give their life to God, then I will submit them to already existing churches to shepherd those people.”

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