“Brands eager to work with me”

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“Brands eager to work with me”


7 March 2019

Gospel musician-cum-comedian Tyra Chikocho, well known as Madam Boss, has credited her endorsement deals to her passion.

Madam Boss who bagged an ambassadorial role for Primkett Visa and Travel has been attracting many brands through her antics and skits.

Even though she is still creating her legacy in the world of entrepreneurship, Madam Boss reckons it is such partnerships that impact her career positively.

“Primkett Visa and Travels got in touch with me after they saw an invitation to Dubai that I had as a motivational ladies’ speaker.

“One of their representatives reached out to my manager and we officialised the partnership where my role is to serve as a face and voice both locally and internationally, build brand recognition and many more roles.

“I took up the partnership because it excels in creating vacations that offer exceptional experiences and is uniquely qualified to provide the highest degree of specialized travel services with prudent cost considerations,” she said.

The influencer is currently working with other brands like NetOne, and Detox tea-Dubai among others.

Madam Boss has been working on creating content for social media users in an effort to keep her fans engaged while promoting the brands who have chosen to associate with her.

“The partnerships have had a great impact on my career as my roles have proven to be a success leading into being a local sponsor and partner of brands in Zimbabwe.

“I believe the passion I portray in my career, the image I present, moreso the dignity and respect that I carry along are what makes many eager to work with me,” she said.

The entertainer has at least 239 000 likes on Facebook, over 160 000 followers on Instagram and a constant content flow to match.

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