Arron Nyamayaro

A TEENAGER  died from wounds sustained while rescuing her siblings from their burning cabin house in Budiriro on Tuesday.

Delphine Makanaka Saungweme (13) sustained serious burns while saving her siblings — Stacy Mandaza (19) Dian Saungweme (10), Mazvita Saungweme (8) and Matilda Saungweme (6) — from the fire which engulfed their cabin while they were sleeping.

Delphine managed to rescue her two-year-old brother, who escaped unhurt, while the others are nursing burn wounds at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital.

Some reports claimed the mother of the five children, Tendayi Marata (40), had gone clubbing at Current Shopping Centre.

However, Tendayi dismissed the reports.

Delphine Makanaka Saungwem3

She told H-Metro she left the house to charge her cellphone.

“I lost one of my children from wounds she sustained after the house caught fire,” said Tendayi.

“The children sustained serious injuries and none of them is able to explain the cause of the fire.

“I left the house around 11pm to charge my phone only to be called and told that the three-roomed cabin house was on fire.

“Delphine was said to have suffocated while pulling out the others from the burning house.

The youngest one was unscathed since he was the first to be rescued.

“All the property was burnt to ashes and I do not know what to do since their father died.”

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