Fungai Muderere in BULAWAYO

BALTERMAR Brito wants the Warriors head coach job.

He revealed his manager applied for the post.

Brito said he was told by the legendary Jose Mourinho to go for it should the opportunity rise.

“I came here with an open mind and open heart to work seriously, to try to improve the club, Highlanders, and football in general,” he told a press conference yesterday.

“Giving my opinion, giving my suggestions, connecting with other coaches, connecting with other people and even connecting with the fans, the supporters and citizens in general.

“Not only Highlanders fans, we never reject, for example, a picture with a guy from another club because we are here and we like to be in Zimbabwe and being connected and linked with this possibility (Warriors job), for me, makes me proud because the best club in the country is the national team.”

He added:

“We are in one big club, one good club but the best club in the country is the national team and everyone should be proud of playing for the national team or just even supporting the national team because it is our roots, our identity.

“So, Zimbabwe, I like to be here, I feel better attached to Zimbabwean culture so if I am linked with it, I’m so proud because when I go to Portugal, you guys can be sure that if anyone asks me what I’m coaching, I answer with pride that (it is) Zimbabwe.”

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