Milicent Chasinda

HE is just a Borrowdale Brooke gardener, but if his ex-wife had a way, he would have to pay US$950 a month as maintenance for their 14-year-old son.

That’s the beauty of institutions like the courts of law because people like Brian Gore can expect to get some form of fairness there.

And, that is what he got yesterday at the Harare Civil Court where a magistrate ruled that he should pay US$50 a month, instead of the US$950, which Fiona Mbonga was seeking to take care of their son’s expenses.

She claimed Brian has been avoiding taking care of his responsibilities towards their son and failed to pay school fees regularly.

“I only need him to look after his son,” said Fiona.

“I paid some of the arrears that he failed to settle for his son’s fees.

“I’m pleading that he be compelled to pay his son’s school fees.

“He chases his son away each time he goes to see him. He even blocked his own son’s number, and insults me each time I want to talk to him about it.”

Brian pleaded for leniency, saying he has three other children to support and his income was not sufficient to cover his son’s expensive school fees.

“School fees yake yakawandisa at US$400 per term. I’m a gardener in Borrowdale Brooke.

“I do not have a payslip but I am also married and have three other children,” he said.

Magistrate Ayanda Dlamini ordered Brian to pay US$50 for maintenance and to deposit the school fees directly into the school account.

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