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Tanaka Mahanya

AFTER some fans turned Buffalo Souljah into a laughing stock, following his declaration that he wanted to fill up the National Sports Stadium, the dancehall artist has responded.

He says he is not moved by all that noise.

He has decided to sell his car, a Mustang, to fund his mission to fill up the giant.

“They say great men take risks whether they are calculated or not.

“One thing about me is I feed off negativity.

“As I grew up in my hood in Mufakose, I was always told that I cannot do certain things. My life changed when I removed the ‘t’ from can’t,” he said.

The South Africa-based chanter said he has come this far because of breaking rules.

“I have become a rebel to the system, breaking all the rules to achieve what I have done so far.

“Therefore, I have decided to sell my Mustang to invest in the #zadzanationalsportsstadium.“Backward never, forward ever.”

Some of his fans have commended him for the bold move.

Others are still mocking him for his dream they claim won’t be achieved.

l Below are some of the comments on social media where the singer is still getting a lashing:

If people throw stones at you, the only thing you have to do is keep ignoring and pushing. Forget what they say and move on. – John Lengaz.


If you feel this is the best thing to do, then go for it. Life is worth taking risks so that if you make a mistake, you learn from that. – Chipo Diro.


Many people have made it in life because of facing challenges and making the best out of them. I applaud you for the great move. Do not mind what people say because they always have things to say. – Ashley Kays.

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