Maria Chiguvari

SOUTH Africa-based dancehall artist, Buffalo Souljah, says it is always a pleasure to be part of a project that features artists he grew up listening to.

He was featured on one of the biggest projects produced by a Manchester-based record label, Natural Bond Entertainment. Titled “New God”, the song is from a riddim called “Redemption Riddim.”

The label dominated in the early part of 2020 with the “Porus”, “Gold Leaf”, “Mentality”, and “Comet” Riddims.

With a new boost of energy, the label released some of its best work with the new “Redemption Riddim”.

The Redemption rhythm features 12 artists. The songs featured on the Redemption rhythm are Thinking for a Change by Flippa Mogella (formerly Flippa Mafia), So Much Hate by Demarco, Better Life by Dyllano, Numb Up by Macka Diamond, More by Rytikal and Cammalla, De Good by Jah Thunder and Calaysie, Real by New Kidz, Blood on Your Hands by Ikaya and Bigger Picture by Jay-A.

“For those that have been on a riddim that features international dancehall artists it is a pleasure. This will be my fourth time working with the guys from Jamaica, the music is played in most parts of Jamaica and the Caribbean. I have been working with this guy for some time. It is always a pleasure working with them,” said Buffallo Souljah.

Jerome Elvie, chief executive of Natural Bond Entertainment, says it was his intention to try different sounds which resulted in his label’s latest project. “I honestly was trying to bring a new sound, something authentic but still bring a traditional vibe that the music is known for worldwide,” he said.

“Something that I think we have been losing over the past few years hence the name Redemption. Each artist has their own unique sound and delivery that brings another level of interest to this rhythm.

“You will want to listen to each song in its entirety even in a dancehall setting. The artists were very cooperative when we were working on the project.

“They are also involved in the whole promotional aspect of things. They believe in this, and they know that the success of this project is also dependent on them, not solely but to a greater extent than most artists in the industry realise.”

The project took three months to complete from recording to shooting music videos.

Elvie spoke about the inclusion of the African artists, Buffalo Souljah and Dyllano, on the project.

“Over the years our music has traveled across the globe influencing change, liberty and freedom for all.  Africa has been a part of evolution and it’s evident.  You will be able to tell how much when listening to their songs.”

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