Buffalo Souljah on USA tour

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Buffalo Souljah on USA tour


10 January 2019

. . . out to empower local artistes

AS PART of his 2019 resolutions, South Africa based musician Buffalo Souljah recently started a movement set to empower local artistes.

Under the movement, the Mufakose bred chanter is now advocating for local artistes to take their music to the international market.

Big Buff, as he is well-known by his fans, took to Instagram and other social media platforms where he shared his sentiments about how local artistes are treated by promoters as compared to international musicians.

In an interview, the dancehall star said it’s about time promoters start appreciating local artistes and their music more and help uplift them.

“It’s about time we take Zimbabwean music to the world.

“Basically, we need to start exporting artistes more than importing them.

“There is nothing wrong with giving foreign artistes $50K, the only problem is the difference between what Zim artistes are offered.

“Local artistes get offered around $1 000 there, it is the promoter’s choice but my point is the promoters should have at least a better budget for the local artistes as well and help uplift them.

“I urge all artistes even upcoming ones to participate in this movement because in the end it also affects them.

“We need to hustle more funding, gone are the days when talent would just get you where you want to be but nowadays we need investors,” said the chanter.

Buffalo, the jack of all trades released an E.P titled 2020, late last year. He says it’s about time he takes brand Buffalo Souljah to the global stage.

“We are working on organising a tour in the United States and spreading the brand out there.

“I am also dropping my album this year.

“We also going to do the One Man Band Show and there is also something coming up with Shatta Wale.”

Buffalo went on to say that 2018 was a tough year for him as much as it was pretty much for everyone.

“Every new beginning, I always treat it as a chance to rebrand myself and refresh, I don’t like being forward and act like I know everything because things keep changing.

“I try approach every opportunity like its new and I don’t know anything about it and prepare myself for learning,” he said.

On the other hand, the musician is quite hopeful that 2019 is going to be a better year as he is aiming higher and trying to source investors to help other local artistes.

“I am not aiming to be at par with Future or any of those top artists but I am just planning on starting.

“We will be touring overseas and that’s already work concluded by my public relations team and the ones in the United States.

“Putting my fellow Zim artists on the map is also a major goal.

“Like I said I could be the plug for them but I cannot do it alone, I need investors,” he said.






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