Build your own brand: Macheso

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Build your own brand: Macheso


1 August 2018

SUNGURA maestro, Alick Macheso said copycats will never surpass him until they start building on their own sound.

In an interview with H-Metro, Macheso said his yesteryear song Murondatsimba was an advice to musicians to create own beats while adding that he does not hate promoting or seeing anyone imitating him.

“Murondatsimba is honest advice; It is a lesson for the whole class not to fail and cry for generations,” he said.

Macheso said building on a unique sound is a legacy on its own.

“It’s a favour to your great grandchildren who will end up harvesting from your old discography like what is happening with the Chimbetus on their Dendera brand.

“Having an original beat, after we all pass on, that is what I was saying in Murondatsimba.

“Be like Nyamhute in his Special Meat hit song; he is being played all over and it’s his own sound.

“Chawanzwa, chakanakidza ngachikupe Shungu; many are talented in Zimbabwe.

“Ngatiende mberi tisadzokere shure in finding new guitar sounds whenever you are recording a new song.”

Macheso said he learnt to have his own beat of sungura by borrowing from Kanindo.

“I learnt guitar playing whilst playing other artists’ sounds like Banda Jazz band, Black Spirits, Black Eagles, using my ‘BANJO’ guitar.

“Our Zimbabwean name must be Museve, because Sungura, Kanindo, Zeze and Kungfu are companies which used to record, market and distribute music in Kenya and Tanzania then.

“We were influenced by hit songs like Monica Cash, William Ogembo, Rozalina Soda, and Kiseru Faka Buzhe Kiseru so we adopted these beats from Kenya and Tanzanian music.

“That is the music we copied and we crafted our Zimbabwean Museve genre.

“Sungura Boys vaivhokonyora from Sungura brand.

“By calling it Sungura means we are still marketing an outside brand.

“I started joining together my own sounds from my own creations as Alick Macheso whilst working harder on differentiating myself from those I learnt from.

“Kana yakaridzwa Chitekete you see that there is originality,” he said.

He said originality is also witnessed in songs like Venenziya or Mabvi Namagokora.

Macheso said musician Romeo Gasa has to keep on working hard and perfect his art which can easily catapult him to the echelons of music.

“Romeo can buy a private jet only if he befriends himself with his guitar in finding new sounds.

“Rambai muripo padrawing board, pama-rehearsals; all band members must come and start at the same time for practice.

“It’s like soccer, you can’t join the team during the match,” said Macheso.

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