‘Build your own house’

27 Jan, 2023 - 00:01 0 Views
‘Build your own house’ Ndakaziva Makwena (left) David Makwena


Clotilder Mwanza

MAGISTRATE Tamara Chibindi yesterday told a Harare man to build his own house so that he can have his own keys to avoid troubling his mother who took him to court for harassment.

Ndakaziva Makwena approached the Civil Court seeking a protection order against her son, David Makwena, accusing him of harassing her.

Makwena said she could not bear her son’s insults anymore.

“He is my real son, but he acts as if I adopted him. Your Worship, I beg for a protection order because one day he is going to beat me up.

“He has a tendency of coming home around midnight as if he is coming from work, yet he will be drinking with friends. If only he obeys my rules will I treat him as my own son,” she said.

David blamed alcohol for influencing his behaviour to insult his mother, and pleaded to be given a second chance to change.

“I promise to change my behaviour, but I want my own keys so that I will not wake her up to open the door for me at midnight,” said David.

Magistrate Chibindi asked David if he owns a house, and told him to build or buy his own house to do whatever he wants.

She granted the protection order to Makwena and ordered David not to insult, harass or intimidate his mother.

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