Building catches fire in CBD

Arron Nyamayaro

MANY onlookers put their lives in danger to capture footage of a burning building along Cameron Street in Harare for social media.

Instead of helping, many onlookers whipped out their smartphones and captured videos and pictures.

Motorists could also be seen clicking pictures and videos of the scene.

The Callans Building suffered significant damage, while goods worth thousands of dollars were burnt to ashes.

The cause of the fire is unknown, although some people reported that a gas tank might have exploded, leading to the blaze.

Workers from a furniture shop within the building risked their lives to salvage some of the goods.

The fire forced motorists along Kenneth Kaunda Avenue to turn right into Leopold Takawira to avoid the flames and thick smoke that engulfed the Central Business District.

Varidzi vemabuilding vakungosanganisa vatengesi saka hatizoziva kuti moto haunakutangira panevanoita zvekubika here.

“We are an assortment of traders here,” said a tenant from the building.

Central Harare is filled with dilapidated buildings that aren’t being maintained properly.

This is a serious issue as these buildings pose a fire risk and the risk of collapse.

Without proper upkeep, these buildings become even more dangerous as they age, and the risk they pose to people living or working in them increases.

The city fathers need to take this matter seriously and ensure that property owners are held accountable for maintaining their buildings.

The consequences of inaction could be grave and it is essential to prioritise public safety to avoid any potential disasters.

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