Arron Nyamayaro

TRADERS at the Glenv View Home Industry Complex yesterday erected some structures as business roared back to life just days after a fire broke out and left many counting their loses.

One of the tailors, Ashel Chapinga, 42, told H-Metro she would not wait for the dust to clear before resuming business as she has three children whose fees have to be paid this week.

“The burning of our materials here has become an annual incident and traditionally occur at the same period of the year,” said Ashel.

“Moto uyu haupere kudzimika zvekumhanya pasi ipapa saka ndikamira kurarama kwevana kwamirawo.

“I have three children expecting fees from me and that is why I am sacrificing to work on such a hot ground.”

Some were erecting temporary structures while some vendors were selling food to workers.

Mai Madongorere, a tailor, was not happy with those who were taking photographs at the site arguing that it was disturbing her work to meet her targets.

Glen View Complex caught fire on Saturday night, reducing the furniture, which is manufactured at the complex, to ashes.

One of the workers suspected there was foul play. I suspect that security officers manning the Complex connived with someone who loaded the finished sofas into some trucks and went away before setting the place on fire,” said the worker.

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