Zvikomborero Parafini 

BUSINESSMAN Bernard Bruce Chiweshe, who is popularly known as Bento, was on Friday convicted of defrauding his ex-girlfriend of US$22 000, which was meant to buy a car.

Bento was convicted after a full trial by Harare magistrate Ethel Chichera.

Bento was sentenced to 30 months imprisonment and six months were suspended on condition that he doesn’t commit an offence, involving dishonesty, in the next five years. 

The remaining 24 months were suspended on condition that he restitutes the complainant Serbia Munatsi US$22 000 before May 31. 

Prosecuting, Charlotte Chikoore proved that in September 2021, Bento planned to steal from his ex-girlfriend and promised to source a Range Rover Sport from South Africa on her behalf. 

Munatsi gave Bento US$12 500, in the presence of Valentine Makuwerere, for the purchase of the car. 

Sometime in March 2022, Bento persuaded her to send US$5000 into his South African FNB account after insisting that the car’s engine needed to be replaced. 

In June 2022, he persuaded her to send him US$2500 for the repairs of the car and demanded another US$2000 to pay the driver and for fuel and tollgates.

Munatsi made several follow-ups on her car but Bento never delivered prompting her to file a police report.

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