Paul Pindani in CHINHOYI

A LOCAL businessman has, through his foundation, drilled a borehole for the police in Chinhoyi.

Thomas Chidzomba, who is the chief executive of the Thomas Chidzomba Foundation, told H-Metro he was motivated to drill to complement government and council’s efforts in the provision of clean and affordable water.

He is also paying school fees for all the prefects at Chirorodziva Primary School.

Last year the foundation drilled 13 boreholes in different wards of Chinhoyi.

“I have a duty to help in the growth and development of our town,” he said.

“The police, just like any other arm of the government, deserves to be supported when a need arises.

“This is part of the foundation’s corporate social responsibility.”

He added:

“Provision of water is a basic human right and the foundation saw it fit to drill the boreholes for the community and the police force.”

Land developer, Kainos Gwazeni, praised the philanthropic work being done by the Chidzomba Foundation.

“Besides the borehole he sunk at ZRP Bako for our police, he has also paid fees for all the prefects at Chirorodziva Primary and also contributed 10 000 bricks to Chemagamba High.

“We need more people like him for the betterment of our community, said Gwazeni.

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