Businessman loses $30 million in botched forex deal

Zvikomborero Parafini

A Harare businessman lost $30 million in a botched forex deal in which he was supposed to receive US dollars in exchange of the local currency.

The suspect, Tafadzwa Nyatsanga of Kambuzuma, appeared before Harare magistrate, Dennis Mangosi, who released him on US$200 bail and ordered him to surrender his travel documents.

He was also ordered to report once a fortnight at CID Commercial crimes and not to interfere with witnesses.

The informant is Keith Oposi.

Allegations are that on August 29, Nyatsanga called Oposi stating that his former colleague, Fredrick Chiriseri who is still at large, was looking for Zim dollars in exchange of US dollars.

Nyatsanga then gave Oposi Chiriseri’s mobile number to negotiate the transaction.

He gave Oposi assurance that his accomplice was a genuine person.

Convinced, Oposi  engaged Tinashe Kadzunge, the complainant, and instructed him to transfer money into Chiriseri’s Steward Bank account.

As a result of the misrepresentation, Tinashe Kadzunge, transferred ZWL$30 000 into the account. Kadzinge odered Oposi to wait outside the Grain Marketing Board head office, together with Nyatsanga, to receive his money, but he then switched off his phone.

Realising that he had been duped, Oposi filed a police report leading to Nyatsanga’s arrest.

Nothing was recovered.

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