Businessman sues ex-wife

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Businessman sues ex-wife


Mathew Masinge, Court Reporter

HARARE businessman Adlai Pazwakavambwa is demanding US$150 000 in damages from his ex-wife after she allegedly labelled him and his new woman ‘a monster’ and ‘a thief’ in a social media post.
The ex-wife Litchel Mandiveyi and Pazwakavambwa share custody of a minor child.

As part of his claim in the summons, the businessman and his current wife, Natalie Munemo, say portions of the social media post were scandalous and demeaning.

The Facebook post read;

“Little did I know that an evil plan was already hatched to steal you away. I asked myself what sort of a monster steals a then 7-year-old from their mother.

“Adlai Pazvakawambwa and your wife Natalie, if there is any humanity left in you…

“It was us against the world my son until the devil came to kill, steal and destroy.

“I pray that his vengeance and wrath be brought upon those that are responsible for our anguish.

“May all the lies come back to them, may all the pain caused be returned to sender.”

The businessman further claims that the post meant that the couple was causing pain on Mandiveyi.

“On June 26 and 27, 2021, Mandiveyi on social media, in particular her Facebook platform, posted various statements of a defamatory nature wherein she alleged as a matter of fact that Pazwakavambwa is among other things evil, a monster and a thief.

“The post attacked the person, integrity and our reputation.

“I am a respectable businessman and a respectable member of the public.

“The Facebook post was not only untrue in all respects but highly defamatory, scandalous and malicious and were so published with the express motive of casting aspersions on my character and that of my wife, lowering them in the estimation of ordinary reasonable persons on the Facebook platform,” claimed the summons.

He says he has been subjected to a social condemnation.

“My wife and i have been subjected to serious embarrassment, ridicule, condemnation and harassment from the public and loss of standing, as the post mentions me by my full name and my wife by her first name.

“(There has been) concern from friends, family, colleagues and business partners and from the public in general,” he said.

He said Mandiveyi had no right to scandalise his new wife.

“Munemo has nothing to do with the tiff between me and my ex-wife has no basis of scandalizing her on social media or at all,” he said.
Efforts to have Mandiveyi retract the post proved fruitless.

“My wife and I demanded that Mandiveyi pull down the Facebook post and to retract each and every defamatory statement made about us.

“We asked Mandiveyi to make an emphatic public apology. While the post was pulled down, no retraction or apology was ever made.

“The negative picture created by the post continues to subsist in the minds of the people who saw the post,” he said.

Pazwakavambwa is demanding US$100 00 whilst his wife Munemo is claiming US$50 000 for the damages.

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