Businessman sues Zimra

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Businessman sues Zimra


Mathew Masinge, Court Reporter

A South Africa based Somali businessman, Mahomed Ahmed, is suing the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority for confiscating his truck horse on allegations of its involvement in transitional fraud.

According to Zimra, on November 30 2018, Ahmed’s truck horse was used to pull a trailer loaded with goods that evaded paying customs duty and other related charges.

In his initial papers, Ahmed argues that he had reported the truck horse as missing in South Africa before it was used in a number of unlawful activities.

He maintains that Zimra was being unfair to him even after submitting evidence that the truck was stolen.

“I came and visited the police who after carrying out their investigations were satisfied that the motor vehicle was not linked to any crime and advised me to discuss with Zimra.

“In any event to date no other person has claimed ownership of the same truck,” said Ahmed in his papers.

He said Zimra was not justified to continue holding his vehicle.

“It is clear from the communication that there is no reasonable and justifiable basis for the respondent to continue to hold on to the motor vehicle.

“What appears to be clear from the responses from the respondent is that it is now safeguarding the interests of a third party which is the agent from whom goods were removed,” he said.

The businessman said he is losing revenue due to Zimra’s actions.

He said it was the report he made to the police in South Africa that led to the identification of the goods that evaded customs authorities and says it wasn’t his fault that local police officers failed to take swift action when the vehicle was located in Waterfalls for ten days.

The matter is still before the courts.


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