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BUSY SCHEDULE ‘HEALS’ JAH SIGNAL Jah Signal and manager Punchline


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

JAH Signal and Swaah Family’s affable manager, Hillary “Punchline” Mutake, says the chanter is benefiting a lot from their busy schedule on Covid-19 lockdown.

Punchline, who is credited for propelling the 24-year-old to acclaim, said he was doing his best to ensure that boredom does not affect their camp.

“We have made a remarkable progress on Covid-19 lockdown and this has been enhanced by keeping my artiste (Jah Signal) busy in the studio recording new stuff.

Jah Signal

“Since the lockdown was enforced, we have managed to record five tracks that we are going to include in our second album due for release before year-end,” he said.

Asked how Jah Signal was sustaining his ‘clan’ and family, Mutake said:

“I was almost booked till year-end and some people had already paid us some deposits.

“And due to the coronavirus, which was beyond our control, there is nothing we could do but we have decided to postpone the gigs.

“So we are still using part of the payment we got as deposits to sustain ourselves.

“We have been holding online shows like the Gara Mumba Iwe gigs which have managed to sustain us.

“We are grateful to people who have faith in us and we will deliver our best as a reciprocal gesture.”

Like most players in the creative sector, Jah Signal was also affected.

“We have redone the song Sweet on Amapiano version with the help of South African producer Ali Boy.

“We were due to shoot its video in South Africa but we have since postponed the video shoot due to the coronavirus.

“We were also set to tour South Africa for a series of shows but as it stands, we can’t because of the current prevailing situation in the country,” he said.

On a lighter, Punchline said he was happy for Jah Signal who has just discovered a new talent.

“We didn’t know that Jah Signal was a good actor and he has shown us that hidden talent on lockdown.

“If he were to pursue it, I’m sure he can make it,” he said.



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