Bute is part of our lives, says mbira star

Yemurai Dyakonda

MBIRA artiste and spiritualist, Fatima “Mwenewazvo”  Tozvireva, reckons there is a deep spiritual connection between playing mbira and taking snuff (bute).

In an interview with H-Metro, she defended mbira players who use bute.

“Traditional African music has been deeply connected to spiritual beliefs and practices and mbira is believed to have the power to connect with the spiritual realm, specifically the world of ancestors and supernatural beings.

“Our culture is being washed away wby some foreign cultures and I honestly refuse to be used as followers of other cultures.

“I am just following iconic mbira players like Stella Chiweshe and Mbuya Madhuve who have already paved the way for us.”

Mwenewazvo said when she is playing mbira she automatically craves for bute.

“When I am in the midst of a performance I spiritually crave for bute which brightens my performance in so many ways.

“Some of my songs come as I am performing and I later write them down for future performance.

“Sniffing but it has no health side effects,” she said.

Fellow sungura artists Vee Mhofu,  Diana “Mangwenya”  Samkange, Sasha Amadhuve, Lioness, Mbira DzeNharira and Mawungira Enharira are some of the groups who have a deep connection to bute.

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