BUZ president speaks on ban

13 Jan, 2021 - 13:01 0 Views
BUZ president speaks on ban Joe Mujuru


Shelly Guni, Sports Reporter
The Basketball Union of Zimbabwe (BUZ) president Joe Mujuru believes the ban on all sporting activities will soon take a toll on athletes.

This comes after the government announced tightened lockdown restrictions on January 2 after a surge in Covid-19 infections.


Following the Government’s revision of lockdown restrictions, the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) went on to ban all sporting activities in with immediate effect until January 31.


A move which has since been described as harsh.


“This lockdown has really put a lot of confusion.


“The thinking across all sports codes in Zimbabwe was that at least we got all programmes running in 2021 but we found out it wasn’t the situation when we continuously adjusting our calendars.


“And we also finding a situation when our athletes and stakeholders are suffering from a bit of fatigue in the sense that they have been sitting since March last year and as a result they end up engaging in social games which are more dangerous to manage in terms of health issues and also order,” he said.


Basketball has a number of national assignments lined up for them but with the Covid-19 induced lockdown, preparations have since been halted.


Mujuru however believes only a bit of action will help them to match other countries that are competing right now.


“So the recommendation for us is at some point we would need to start investing our minds and other resources into a situation where sport and Covid-19 should coexist because if we look into the region right now you will find out that we are lagging behind in terms of competitiveness, only a few are not competing.

“For us we just look up to the authorities that this is necessary but also to think outside the box that this (Covid) is not going away anytime soon.”

He believes for them to be able to deliver something in terms of competition, they need to start competing locally.

“For example when we are about to have a national team, the next situation will be, how we came up with that team when it’s almost a year not playing so I think it is very important for local leagues to start playing albeit of cause under difficult circumstances. “And I’m not talking about basketball only but many other leagues.”


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