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18 July 2018

DANCEHALL star Seh Calaz and publicist King George Damson have resumed their relationship.

Damson told H-Metro yesterday that theirs is a continuation of an existing relationship and not a reunion.

“I really can’t say it’s a reunion, it’s a continuation of an existing relationship. Since the time I assumed the role a few years back, there has not been any change of personnel.

“I know people are calling it a reunion but my relationship with Calaz goes back a couple of years ago and it’s a brother to brother relationship. He is my young brother,” he said.

Asked whether his absence had affected Calaz and their movement, Damson said:

“The movement can’t stop because of one person. My absence did not affect anything. He is more of a brother to me and we do what brothers do, that is we discuss issues and give each other different perspectives to issues to bring balance. Hats besides me being his publicist. I   handle communication that relates to his brand.”

There have been questions asked over Calaz’s ability to stay among the big names of Zim dancehall and Damson believes the chanter has what it takes.

He promised more tunes from Calaz in the coming months.

“An emphatic yes. He is one of the most sought after artists in Zim dancehall and that won’t change soon.

“The only difference could be that there were a few upcoming artists who were on fire that time who have fizzled out already which is sad.

“There is a lot in store and in due course we will announce.”

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