CALAZ RISKS ARREST. . . chanter defaulting child support payments

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CALAZ RISKS ARREST. . . chanter defaulting child support payments Seh Calaz and Moira Knight


Latwell Nyangu

ZIMDACEHALL chanter, Tawanda ‘Seh Calaz’ Mumanyi, risks being arrested after defaulting in paying $45 000 monthly maintenance for his minor child.

Harare magistrate, Judith Taruvinga, ordered Calaz to pay $45 000 in monthly maintenance fees effective March 31.

He will provide the support until the child reaches the age of 18.

The  chanter was ordered to deposit the money into the account of the mother of his child on or before the 30th or 31st of every month.

His ex-lover, Moira Knight, has written to the chanter, through her lawyers, reminding him of his obligations.

“Further to the Magistrates’ Court order requiring you to pay $45 000 monthly for the minor, we write to you to kindly make payments as required by law promptly without delay.

“And, clear the arrears of amounts due, failure of which we are instructed to institute criminal proceedings, without further notice to you.

“We trust that this shall not be necessary,” reads the letter from Moira’s lawyers.

Moira said Seh Calaz doesn’t respect the judgment which was handed down by the courts. “He doesn’t pay anything until maybe the 7th or 8th of the month, instead of the last day of the month. “He pays paanoda,” she said.

The maintenance was broken down as $15 000 for food, $10 000 (rent), clothes $5 000, medicals $5 000 and ancillaries $5 000.

However, Seh Calaz claimed the order was out of his league and vowed to lodge an appeal in the High Court.

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