Calaz ups game

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Calaz ups game Seh Calaz


29 January 2018

Seh Calaz

ZIM dancehall chanter, Seh Calaz – real name Tawanda Mumanyi – has vowed to up his game for the betterment of the genre.

Boss Yala, as the chanter is fondly known in music circles, told this publication he will revert to the old ‘diss’ culture but insisted he won’t take people directly like before.

“I am changing my game and I won’t be aiming at people directly like what I used to do in the past.

“This time I will be using metaphors and folktales to correct people at the same time educating them.

“I will give people a room to see their mistakes through songs so that they won’t repeat over and over again,” he said.

Boss Yala conceded that the genre lacks promoters and encourages business people to intervene.

“Our genre lacks promoters that’s why you see it losing its grip; we are lacking promoters of Chipaz and Bodyslam calibre.

“If we have many promoters across the country, our music will reach the people with ease,” Boss Yala said.

He added:

“We are lacking big shows in different provinces and I am sure you follow Zim dancehall you understand what I am saying.

“Big shows are only held at Stodart Hall in Mbare and City Sports Centre in the capital whereas we have other good places in Zimbabwe.

“We really love our genre and as artistes we want to be exemplary in the society.”

Asked about what he preaches and his life experience, he said:

“I am a Christian, I try so hard to do things which are good for my spirit and for my neighbours.

“At times I fall down in the race but I try arise and people should note that I am not perfect but I thrive for perfection.

“I urge people to grasp the message and don’t judge the message source.”

Seh Calaz recently dropped singles collection album titled Lovers Reggae.

It carries six tracks.


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