Call to aid young women entrepreneurs

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Call to aid young women entrepreneurs Patience Maregedze


Latwell Nyangu

Entrepreneur, Patience Maregedze, has implored the government and the business community to offer a helping hand to young women entrepreneurs to narrow the gap between men and women in business.

She made the call during a business seminar hosted by Fencorp Global, a global business development consultancy firm last week.

“Women are losing their hard-earned money to pyramid schemes and other scams such as cooperatives as they try to mobilise funds for business ventures.

“It’s difficult for young women to establish themselves in male-dominated areas such as mining and construction because of various entry barriers with capital being major.

“The establishment of Women for Economic Development is playing a key role in empowering young women. I am looking forward to seeing tangible women empowerment programmes that build big corporations headed by young women,” said Maregedze.

She stated that women have the ideas.

“Women have the skills, passion and drive, but they lack support in underwriting their projects and ring-fencing investment made into their projects, which every investor wants before committing.

“The establishment of the Women’s Bank and other entities helping women penetrate male-dominated business areas is also critical.

“Women should not be relegated to fashion, make up, hair and catering, which have limited profit margins and limited opportunities for growth and expansion.

“The Women’s Bank needs more resources and capacity for it to fully service the needs of women, and as women, we also need to be faithful in servicing our loans.”

Maregedze has set up a unique fashion house known as House of Patience in Harare, which seeks to provide high quality fashion clothing at affordable prices.

House of Patience has become popular among young working women and students in Harare who want to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

The entrepreneur is also known as the basketball queen for her prowess in the game, as she played in the female basketball league.

She has also worked on the Straight Talk TV show.

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