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6 June 2018


A LOCAL organisation – Speak out for Animals – has embarked on a drive to promote animal protection in various parts of the country.

The initiative, which is meant to spread globally, is aimed at influencing the human mindset and inspire behaviour change towards animal protection.

Speak Out For Animals founder Ever Chinoda, a holder of Masters in Animal Law, was speaking to University of Zimbabwe law students during a presentation last Friday when she argued that the human mindset should change towards animals.

“Africans should just learn to love and respect animals because their sentient beings as humans.

“Animals have intrinsic value and extrinsic value. The intrinsic value of animals implies that they have their own value, apart from their financial, instrumental and practical value attributed by humans,” she said.

The presentation, which is also aimed at introducing Animal Law in Zimbabwe, also tackled how a bad mindset towards animals is contributing to their extinction.

She highlighted factors such as extinction, disturbance to the ecosystem, poor economy, disturbance of culture and health threat as implications to failing to protect animals.

Chinoda bemoaned lack of legal practitioners in the animal field as another contributing factor, encouraging students to consider it.

She also highlighted on the advantages to student lawyers if they are to pursue Animal Law.

“I have done Masters in Animal Law at Centre for Animal Law Studies (USA),” said Chinoda.

“I am the founder of Speak Out For Animals, an animal law organisation that desires animal law to be in the (local) university curriculum.

“I am an international animal law advocate and I tour around the world bridging cultural gaps and inspiring people to protect animals,” she said.

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