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Hello H-Metro readers.

It’s quite an amazing opportunity after being given this platform to share my experiences as an entrepreneur, music promoter and philanthropist.

I have been longing for this opportunity and I am glad I will inspire others through the work I am doing.

I am also willing to learn from others. Read on …


My name is David Mudzudzu, a businessman-cum-arts promoter.

I was born and bred in Mhondoro but currently residing in Harare and running a number of entertainment joints under the Club Joy Centre banner.

I am a family man and arts is my passion though there is a business slant to that work through the various clubs that I run in Harare and Chitungwiza.

I also belong to a local business, media and arts network, Zimbabwe Business and Arts Hub (ZIBAH) where I am the Arts and Entertainment Director.

The network seeks to bring excellence and productivity to the business, media and arts sectors through sharing of ideas and creating synergies for growth.

It brings together captains of industry, artistes and the media with a view to create common around community and national development.

I am generally passionate about community development and I am doing a lot to develop local arts through creating a platform for them through my clubs while bringing entertainment to locals.


I believe the greatest investment is in people.

Yes, I am a businessman but I see greater good in developing communities and assisting the less privileged.

Through the Highfield Club Joy Center joint, I have created an open air entertainment concept where artistes come to perform for revellers who access the venue for free.

We are not very particular about how big an artiste is, we even give a platform to unheralded talent.

We then get our proceeds from beer sales and use the same to pay the performing artistes and our workers.

Our centre has become a business hub as locals also come to trade their wares to the crowds that gather.

We also assist artistes that need that break for example we were the first to bring Obert Chari and Hakireni Stars for a full-fledged show in Harare.

We also assisted Padadzai Mesi when he hit hard times and continue to assist many upcoming and struggling artistes to grow their work.


I am inspired by selfless ordinary people who give their all for the good of humanity.

I am also inspired by life and that which happens around me and my motto is: “Do good and good Will come back to you.”


I remember growing up in the rural areas.

I was a generally a bright student but what mattered most was the love that surrounded us.

That love continues to inspire my conduct to this day.

  • 2019 PLANS

Our plan is to scale up events and activities at our Club Joy Centre joints.

We also intend to herald more local talent giving them exposure.


I am very passionate about local music.

Growing up I would listen to the pacesetters in the industry comprising your Mukanyas, the Chimbetus, Chimombes and the late Oliver Mtukudzi among others.

When I was then blessed to own entertainment joints, I felt inspired to promote local music by giving artists a platform.


I feel it’s equally good to empower those who are down and under.

An industry cannot thrive on those enjoying a purple patch.

There are seasons in every sector but we must value the talent one has and continue to promote it.


Most artistes are generally struggling with numbers at their shows given the challenging environment.

Even the big names are struggling save for a few isolated cases like Alick Macheso.

Like any other industry, I have a special way to handle various artistes considering their different backgrounds.

Working with people is not easy but one just needs to appreciate that we have strength in diversity.

Once you understand that it’s easier to work with anyone.


As a music promoter, we feel we also need to do something for our female artistes who are usually marginalised.

At Joy Center we are home to all and artistes like Sasha, Wasu, Ammi Jamanda, Tendai Chimombe, Marcy Janyure and Edith Weutonga to name a few.

These and other female artistes have performed at our joints.

We also intend to groom more female artistes this year.

On that note, we also don’t discriminate artistes according to place of residence or origin.

We give an opportunity to all including the likes of Hosiah Chipanga and Obert Chari who are not necessarily Harare based.


From the artistes I have worked with, there are some who have been loyal to our vision.

I would say the majority of the artistes I have worked with remain loyal and continue to give back to Club Joy Center but names like Progress Chipfumo, Tryson Chimbetu and Tendai Dembo are more exceptional.

  • WISH

Given an opportunity to regulate the arts sector, I would do my best to ensure I change quite a lot in the game.

I would be happy to have more Government and corporate support towards the sector given its potential to contribute to the local Gross Domestic Product.


With a number of women literally throwing themselves at me, I have devised a special way to handle them.

Discipline and principle are key components of public life. I always try to avoid mixing business and pleasure.

As for my love life, I am happily married and have a beautiful and highly supportive family.

I am really grateful for the support from my family. They continue to be an inspiration and support structure to bank on.


Celebrating my birthday with fans at Club Joy Center in 2018 remains one of the best moments.

It was just amazing to see how people appreciated me.


As for those embarrassing moment, I can’t recall any. Maybe I was too young when it happened.


I have a very efficient management team but have also enlisted the services of a local public relations and brand development company, Esteem Communications to handle the corporate affairs side of things.


We haven’t won any awards as yet but our greatest award is the lives we are changing.

On a parting shot, we would like to thank the artistes, fans, service providers, media – both print and electronic!

Thank You!

  • NB: Celebrities or celebrities’ managers intending to contribute to this column and share their stories, contact our Entertainment Desk on 0774119633 (calls/sms) or WhatsApp (0719119633) or email [email protected] .co.zw



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