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17 May, 2019 - 14:05 0 Views


Blessing Malinganiza, Sports Reporter

Dynamos received a huge boost ahead of their game against Bulawayo Chiefs as Claude ‘Neymar’ Ngahan and Vincent Mberga are back after being ruled out due to injuries.

Ngahan only played one match since the beginning of the season and Mberga missed two games.

Striker Ngandu Mangala and defender Godfrey Mukambi who were out because of suspensions are also back.

Dynamos assistant coach Biggie Zuze says the return of the Cameroonians is a big boost.

“I think we are done with our preparations for the match. Things are looking good and the good thing is Mangala who was out because of suspension is now back.

“The two Cameroonians who were injured have started training and we are happy, we are seeing a lot of potential from them.

“I also think their motivation is high up, that game against Yadah added more motivation to the players to do their best against Chiefs on Saturday.

“Mukambi is back and l think it’s good for us, Muringai is out he got his third yellow and l think the replacements are there because Mukambi is coming back we know how he puts an effort,” he said.

Rauya Gen’a travel to Bulawayo and Zuze says it’s a dangerous game for them.

“We just hope everyone will be ready for the match.

“It’s a dangerous game for us you know Chiefs have nothing to lose and you know any team that faces Dynamos tries to do their best.

“And that’s another word we are putting out to the players that we have to be on our toes it’s a dangerous team.

“We watched them play Rhinos, they are not a bad side. It’s just unfortunate that they are not winning.

“I think the few positives we saw from the team are that they have the potential of doing well,” he said.

“We really emphasized on the importance of playing for Dynamos and l think these boys now know how important it is to be in the team and we are happy with the response we are getting.

“It’s so encouraging.”

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