Campaign to raise funds for leprosy patients

Latwell Nyangu

MUTEMWA Leprosy Centre is inviting companies to join their inaugural John Randall Bradburne Marathon in which the proceeds will be channelled for the welfare of patients living with Leprosy.

The marathon is set for Mutemwa, in Mutoko, on Saturday.

According to the organisers, the fun will be an added bonus to the religious event where there will be an annual memorial commemorating the life of Catholic philanthropist, John Randall Bradburne, who died for his faith on September 2, 1979, at the age of 58.

The main race will be run over a course of 21 kilometres with other races pencilled for 10kms, 5kms and over one kilometre.

Spokesperson Aqcuina Guri confirmed the event.

“Senior men and women, Under-15 boys and girls, specially challenged persons as well as veterans both men and women, will have categories dedicated to them with fun races also expected from the clergy who, too, will hit the road for a worthy charitable cause.

“In light of the work that is being undertaken to help leprosy survivors, at the leprosy centre, and afford them a dignified livelihood, people should support the event, join in the fun and also donate to the memorial run as it is for a noble cause.”

Guru added:

“John Bradburne lived a life of dedication, washing the wounds of the lepers, dressing their limbs and touching their physical afflictions when no one else would even go near the lepers.

“His service was felt by the very heart of those whom he served.

“We may not have that courage or gift to dress wounds, but by coming to the event, donating to the race or participating in the event and putting the little we can into coffers that help the lepers.

“We will be doing our own type of wound dressing using the gifts that God gave us, in emulation and furtherance of what John did in his day.

“We encourage corporates and other well-wishers, who would like to contribute ahead of the event, to ensure a successful run, to not hesitate to reach out to the organising committee and help make this promising day an event better and bigger success.

“Pegged at an affordable US$10 and US$5 entry fee, runners will get time to have fun, participate for a worthy cause whilst also walking away with memorabilia to remember this fun-filled inaugural family event.”

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