Can You Really Improve Your Skills in Slots?

Slots have been one of the most popular games of chance worldwide. This applies to both classic arcades and non GamStop casinos. Since classic slots are purely a game of chance in which the players do not influence the game, there are no real strategies other than betting behavior that could help increase the chances of winning. The outcome of each spin is determined solely by chance.

You can find out more about how slot machines work and what different types of slot machines there are in our slot guide. Since there is now a whole range of skill-based slots in addition to classic slots, it is time to take a closer look and answer the question of whether you can really improve your skills in slots on such machines and thus achieve bigger winnings.

Overview of How Slots Work at Non GamStop Casinos?

Before we get into the mechanics and functionality of skill-based slot machines and whether you can improve your slot machine skills, let’s first take a quick look at how slot machines actually work.

The course of the game and the result in classic slot machines are determined solely by chance. The only thing players need to do is set the bet and click the spin button. Everything else happens fully automatically and according to a predetermined pattern. In the background, the result of a spin is determined using a random generator (also called RNG [Random Number Generator]). Each spin is independent of the previous one and the chance of winning and payout percentage are set in the slot’s algorithm.

To ensure that everything goes smoothly there, developers of slot machines have a gambling license and must be able to prove that the random generators are working properly. As a player, you can rely on the information about the chance of winning and payout percentage being correct; However, you cannot influence them.

How Does a Skill-based Slot Work at Non GamStop Casinos?

In skill-based slots, not everything depends on your skills; Much of the game is still based on randomness. So you need luck here too. However, there are elements – usually in the bonus game – that you can influence in your favor with skill, the right decisions or simply practice. Unlike purely skill-based games like chess, where the only thing that matters is your skill, in skill-based slots only a small part of the outcome depends on your skill. The basic mechanics behind the game are based on algorithms and random number generators, just like classic slot machines.

What Makes These Games So Interesting? 

In contrast to classic slot machines, which are based on the one-armed bandits and video machines in arcades, skill-based slot machines often play fundamentally differently. Individual game elements are more reminiscent of arcade games, where the sole focus is on fun. Accordingly, they are very popular in online game rooms today, because ultimately, in addition to the chance of winning, the main thing is of course to have fun.

Since you can influence the course of the game through your decisions and behavior, you take a much more active part in the game.

What Are the Chances of Winning in a Skill-based Slot?

How do you win at slot machines? This question concerns many players and of course, one should assume that the chances of winning in skill-based slot machines are higher than in classic slots if you master them well. But is that also true? The answer is no. If you like games whose outcome depends solely on your strategic decisions and skills, skill-based slots are not an alternative.

The reason is that here too, volatility and payout ratio are the crucial factors that determine the outcome; and these metrics are set by the game developer. Nevertheless, the payout rate on such machines is somewhat flexible and can be influenced in your favour – but not beyond a certain level. Using certain decisions or game mechanics, it is possible to cheat luck to some extent in bonus rounds or sometimes during regular gameplay. If you do everything right, the RTP (payout ratio) can be increased from 95% to 96%.

This means that statistically, across all games, players receive back 96 euros for every 100 euros staked instead of just 95 euros for every 100 euros staked. In addition, volatility plays a role, which indicates the frequency with which a machine pays out winnings. The more often this happens, the lower the volatility and the lower the winnings per payout. When volatility is very high, wins are less frequent but higher. The volatility cannot be influenced even with skill.

Is It Still Worth Playing Non GamStop Skill-based Slots? 

This depends on your slot machine needs. If you generally like gambling and are not averse to being able to increase the payout percentage by one percentage point or another with a little experience and skill, you will certainly enjoy slots like this. They are often designed to be a little more interactive, entertaining and exciting. Please note, however, that the imputed payout rate can never exceed 100%. No matter how much ability, skill and skill you have, there is no guarantee of winning in skill-based slots.

Which Non GamStop Slots Have the Highest Chances of Winning?

On average, the payout rate for online slot machines is around 96%. Some slots are above, some below. Regardless of whether it is skill-based slots or classic slots, the payout percentage does not have a major impact on your immediate gaming experience and your chance of winning. The percentage value is a purely statistical value that only arises over thousands of games. Looking at the individual game round, volatility plays a significantly larger role in the gaming experience. It determines how often the machine pays out winnings on average.

If you are wondering where the chances of winning are highest, you should, on the one hand, look at the payout percentage in the game instructions and, on the other hand, check how often you hit a winning combination in the game. The best way to estimate this is to play a few rounds with very low stakes. This is the best way for you to consider whether the combination of RTP and volatility meets your expectations.


So what is the answer to the question: Can you improve your slot machine skills? Yes, but only to a certain extent. Ultimately, the outcome of games of chance – as the name suggests – depends on luck. Even with the best skills, a skill-based slot machine with a low payout rate and high volatility will pay out less on average than a machine with a high payout rate and medium volatility.

However, due to the sometimes exciting game mechanics and the special bonus rounds, it can be well worth trying out such machines. They often offer special features that make the game a little more arcade-like and therefore more entertaining. If fun is the priority and you enjoy a skill-based slot more than classic slots, then there’s nothing wrong with playing it. There is also a certain appeal in winning a prize that you have partly earned based on your decision or ability.

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