Cancer can treated

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Cancer can treated Sekuru Chisanyu


6 November 2017

. . . Beware of bogus healers and herbs

Sekuru Chisanyu

CANCER can be treated and managed if detected early, a renowned traditional medicine practitioner has said.

Sekuru Friday Chisanyu who is the Traditional Medical Practitioners Council board chair said early detection helps nip the disease in the early stages, urging people to go for regular check-ups saying it is cheaper than when one gets ill.

He said traditionally, the disease just like any other ailment can be detected through traditional pharmacologists and someone can be put on treatment.

“Early detection means early treatment. We encourage people to go for check-ups, those who afford to go for medical doctors should go and get checked. Those who come to traditional healers should come. We have traditional pharmacologists who would spiritually detect an ailment in someone and they would be put on treatment and or prescribe a diet for them,” he said.

Sekuru Chisanyu said they are concerned with the rate of misinformation about the disease in the country and denounced healers and prophets who discontinue patients from treatment saying this usually leads to drug resistance and ultimately death.

He said they noted with concern the proliferation of prophets and healers who are always on radio claiming to deliver people from cancer all for the sake of growing their following and money and called on the government to intervene.

“Right now we have a problem with healers and prophets who are always on radio saying they cure cancer. Is there a track record of them? We urge the government to look into this if we are to win the war against cancer. They mislead people, giving out false information that leads to death. People need real education and not such promotional materials for them to grow their following,” he said.

Sekuru Chisanyu said cancer can be treated with specific traditional herbs and urged the public to be on the lookout for some street herbs that can be fatal.

“Herbs have had a record of treating cancer and some people are taking advantage of this to make money at the expense of one’s health and life. There are several herbs on the streets and shops, some foreign and are said to have power to heal several diseases, cancer included.

“People who sell these are after money and not concerned with your health and this leads to death. If people approach us we give them proper information, based on a real track record, results based. Some of those herbs in the streets maybe detrimental to one’s health and people need to be careful, “he said.

Sekuru Chisanyu urged patients to stick to their treatment plans and urged healers to encourage patients to stick to treatment.

“We urge people to stick to their treatment plans. When a doctor puts you on treatment stick to that, do not be fooled to quit treatment. We urge fellow healers to encourage people to take medication. Hazvibatsire kuteverwa nevanhu vakawanda ku surgery kwako asi vazhinji vachinofa,” he said.


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