CANCER PATIENT ABANDONED AT LOCAL HOSPITAL FOR 13 MONTHS. . . Claims family members have left him to die. . .Father’s relatives claim he has a bad odour

Gamuchirai Bhachi

A 37-year-old man, who has been admitted at a local hospital for 13 months with anal cancer, says his relatives have abandoned him and left him to die.

He has been stuck at the hospital since August last year.

Admire Matetakufa, from Mazowe, says he is in desperate need of food and other forms of assistance.

He said none of his relatives love him anymore and have all turned their backs on him.

Admire says when they took him to hospital, they pretended they wanted him to get medical attention.

However, he claims, it has since turned out that they just wanted to dump him and leave him to his fate.

His cancer was caused by sexually transmitted diseases.

Admire is currently undergoing treatment. 

His wife left him for another man, leaving behind three children, who are all under the care of social welfare.

Matetakufa is seeking assistance from well-wishers for food, a place to live with his children, and other forms of support.

“Doctors have promised to do their best to save me,” he told H-Metro. 

“My relatives abandoned me after I fell ill, saying that I should go to my late mother’s relatives.

“My late father’s relatives deserted me saying that I was not their relative and I have a bad odour due to the cancer.”

He said he will need a place to stay with his children when he is eventually discharged from hospital.

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