Cancer patient seeks assistance for treatment

Talent Gore

A 20-year-old woman is seeking assistance to have a cancerous wound treated.

Marvelous Machingauta was diagnosed with cancer in 2019.

She has been struggling with lack of support from her husband.

The mother of one said her husband has only visited her once since she was hospitalised.

She is seeking assistance from anyone who can help her, be it individuals or churches, to enable her to receive the necessary treatment and support.

“It all started with me having problems with my knee every time I would be standing. I would feel like something was pressing on my knee, and soon it became swollen,” she said.

“I then went to Gweru General Hospital and had an injection.

“That is when the growth developed. Right now I am at Parirenyatwa Hospital and am in pain.

I feel like there is something in my leg moving from one place to another. The pills I am taking are no longer working.”

Machingauta said she was still waiting for some tests to be done.

“The doctor said it looks like I have bone cancer, so they need to take a sample and conduct some tests to determine what it actually is.”

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