Caps Covid-19 compliant

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Caps Covid-19 compliant Caps United players


Shelly Guni, Sports Reporter

HARARE giants CAPS United continue to uphold Covid-19 regulations and protocols by conducting tests for their players.

The club yesterday conducted tests for their players ahead of today’s practice match against Black Rhinos.


The Green Machine have been testing players twice a month.


The match is part of preparations for the mini-league tournament set for this month.


CAPS United administrator Morton Dodzo said compliance to the Government’s protocols is a priority and they will work hard to ensure that they operate in a safe environment.


“I can confirm we conducted tests today (yesterday) as CAPS United Football Club. To us compliance to Covid requirements and protocols is a priority.


“So we are being regularly testing as per the PSL requirements. Ensuring that all staff is tested before practice or friendly matches as well as ensuring we have Covid-19 compliance officers within the Club.


“Two Covid compliance Officers with medical expertise and experience were appointed and will be ensuring all activities and events are in line with PSL Covid-19 precautions.


“Testing is very significant and of utmost importance to the club. We need to ensure everyone is safe and working in a Covid-safe environment.


Makepekepe coach Darlington Dodo said it is important for them to continue following  Government guidelines to keep safe from Covid-19.


“It’s important to adhere to all Covid-19 protocols for our own safety. We need to follow all the regulations. As we try to help the Government in preventing the spread of the deadly virus.”


Commenting on today’s match, Dodo said:


“We are playing a practice match against Rhinos as we are trying to assess our progress so far ahead of the upcoming league. The training match will help us to see where we need to improve,” he said.


Striker Ismael Wadi shared the same sentiments with his coach.


“We need to continue staying safe and following everything that was set aside for us so that we can be able to play this game.


“We have not played for over 15 months and with the way we are training now I’m sure when the league starts we will be okay. On fitness level, I think is now at 75 percent,” Wadi said.

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