Car dealers bemoan rentals

09 Jun, 2021 - 11:06 0 Views
Car dealers bemoan rentals


Mathew Masinge, H-Metro Reporter

Local car dealership owners reckon the move by council to remove their businesses along road servitudes will be painful after having paid rentals to council.

Council has ordered all car sales operating in open spaces, furniture stalls, sand and bricks traders to wrap up their business and vacate major road sides.

According to City of Harare, showrooms will be built on the land they will soon identify whilst the dealers are encouraged to keep the bulk of their vehicles in the desired warehouses.

“Council is identifying suitable land to accommodate car dealers following the ban on car sales situated on road servitudes & along major thoroughfares. Car dealers should be registered with council and be paying lease rentals in addition to all obligatory statutory fees.

“Showrooms to be built on the land while the dealers are encouraged to keep the bulk of the vehicles in warehouses,” said council in a statement on Monday.

“This is quite painful to accept but as business people we are ready to oblige whenever the government calls us to order.

“Some of us have been operating the car sale business for a while now, paying fees to council and with the proper documentation from the same council,” said Godfrey Makamure a representative at PanJap Motors.

Makamure claimed not enough information has been passed to their side in regards to the operation.

“I am actually hearing that there is an ongoing operation for first time because not enough information has come to our attention,” he said.

Asked whether having some of their vehicles stashed in a warehouse he said;

“This is something that we really need to learn because it won’t be easy in terms of how we will be marketing our vehicles.

“I don’t know how that is going to work but as for us we have to wait and see how it will turn out,” he said.

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