Carlos Green on new song

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Carlos Green on new song


12 September 2018

Carlos Green

Musician Carlos Green says people should first please their families before they try and impress the world.

This is the message the singer shares in his new song, “Hamumire neni” a song produced by Makumbe.

He says the current proceeding happening in the city inspired him to pen the song.

“I have been seeing a lot of stuff happening, some of which is not necessary but people are doing it all for fame and to please the world.

“For instance some of the so called big spenders, they spend lots of money with friends but yet they don’t spoil their families.

“They say charity begins at home and I am just trying to urge such people to desist from pleasing the world and take care of their family and loved ones.

“There are so many or our relatives that need help why not help them first and then spoil the world later,” said Green.

The refreshing song with a jiti beat was released last week and will have the video to the song released tomorrow (Tuesday).

The video was shot by Naxo Films.

Green added:

“This song is already popular because I started performing it at shows before I recorded it so it grew on to people and it has become my biggest song at shows.

“I am confident they will also like the video.”

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